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Property Valuation

Property value is one of the most important factors when looking into real estate. US Realty records valuation technology factors in the area's high and low estimations, surrounding home values and the market conditions to provide you an estimate within 10% accuracy.



Track your Reports (Premium Only)

Stay up-to-date on any property with report tracking. This allows you to receive emails with updates to any properties, as well as view highlighted changes on all your tracked reports. This feature is only available to our premium membership subscribers.


Owners Information

Discover who currently owns any property, and who owned it previously. In addition, you can view previous sales to learn who or which company purchased the house. In the same area of our reports, you can also find The home’s valuation, and property taxes and assessments.



Interactive Maps

Keep your eye out for messy neighboring yards, dilapidated buildings, nearby highways, commercial and industrial properties because they can all affect the property’s long term value and desirability. See all of these things in either satellite, road, or street views using the latest online map technology.


Neighborhood Demographics

Knowing about things like crime rate, schools, nearby sex offenders, nearby housing costs, ethnic diversity and walkability all help put a valuation on your property or can act as important selling/buying factors. Our reports include all of this information in a printable format.


Market Statistics

Discover how nearby Real Estate Price trends, Sales Demands and Homes for Sale in the area are doing with easy to read graphs. Additionally all the information is updated on the first of every month, so you know you’re viewing the most recent market trends.


Calculators & Helpful Tools

Easily view what your mortgage payments may be, and take a look at today's best mortgage rates with our suite of tools located directly on each report! Additionally get helpful advice from local real estate professionals with our new Expert-Connect tool.


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