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Property Reports

From structure, size, values and history, our property reports are the perfect place to start to get the full picture of any property, and discover similar homes nearby. Here’s a glimpse into our property reports:

Property Valuation

Property value is one of the most important factors when looking into real estate. US Realty records valuation technology factors in the area's high and low estimations, surrounding home values and the market conditions to provide you an estimate within 10% accuracy.

Owners Records

Discover who currently owns any property, and who owned it previously. In addition, you can view previous sales to learn who or which company purchased the house. In the same area of our reports, you can also find The home’s valuation, and property taxes and assessments.

Download & Track

Stay up-to-date on any property with report tracking. This allows you to receive emails with updates to any properties, as well as view highlighted changes on all your tracked reports. Download any property report in PDF format to print and save for later.

Value Forecast

Learn how property values are likely to change over the course of the next year. Reports include a trending value over the following 12 months – and is compared to the national average so you can get a clear idea of where any home stands in the market.

Compare Homes

Get a side-by-side view of the most similar homes nearby in our comparison report. Compare everything from values to structural details. You’ll get a complete picture of what sets your home apart from other in the neighborhood.

Property History

When you need records of mortgages, taxes, and sales history – we provide all available records on any property in the U.S. Uncover the names of both the lenders and and owners along with all the specific details of each transaction.

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